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How To Get A Construction Bond

Construction Bonds

Contractors and companies in the construction business will know how important getting a construction bond is. Without securing one, it is almost impossible to win a bidding. The process to acquire a bond is not that complicated, as it only takes a few steps. When the contractor is able to submit this important requirement, they can proceed to join the bidding and if they have the lowest bid, they might win the contract.

Developers rely on these construction bonds to protect them from bogus or unreliable contractors. In the past, contractors would use various tricks to win the contract, like putting in extremely low bids and then raising the price after being awarded the contract. Worse, some of them just abandon or drop out, leaving the developer hanging. The construction bond is there to avoid these situations, as well as protecting the subcontractors in case the contractors do not pay them.

Steps To Get A Construction Bond


  1. Know What Type Of Bond Form You Need

Different states will have their own form for applying for a surety bond. This is especially important if you are bidding for a public or government contract, which is why you should verify this with either the developer or the project owner. Another important information is to ask for the bond amount, which can be calculated based on the project’s estimated cost and the percentage required by the developer.


  1. Search For Bond Providers

The next step is to look for someone to secure your surety bond. There are different companies that provide construction bonds, normally connected with a bond producer. The producer makes it easier for the contractor to find the best bond companies, so refer to the National Association of Security Bond Producers to find the one closest one to you. Nationwide bond providers are also a great idea for contractors who do work in various states.


  1. Get A Bond Quote

Even if you need a specific bond amount, it might cost differently depending on the bond company issuing it. The best way to find out and compare is to ask them for a quote. You will need to provide the bond amount provided by the developer, and the bond provider can compute the premium. This amount, the cost of the surety bond, is also based on the contractor’s credit score. If you have a good credit standing, you will be asked to pay about 1 to 5% of the bond amount, but those with poor credit might have to pay up to 20%. The best way to be sure how much it will cost is to ask the provider to give a quote.


  1. Pay For The Bond

Once you receive some quotes, you will be able to choose from between them. The next step is then to pay for it, usually in full. Once it has been paid, the bond provider will secure you and send the documents required for the bidding process.


  1. Check The Information

You will need to double-check the information stated on the surety bond awarded to you before submitting it to the developer. Small things like a wrongly spelled business name or wrong business address, as well as the incorrect bond amount or missing signatures can lead to the bond and the bid getting rejected by the developer. So before you send them, make sure to check the form and contact them for any inconsistencies or errors.


  1. File The Bond

Once everything is checked and verified, it is now time to send it to the developer and prepare for the bidding process. You can then prepare for and participate in the bidding process, with all documents like the construction bond paperwork on hand.

Construction bonds are a vital part of the process of finishing a project because it provides a safety net for the developers who have their own deadlines to turn over the building. Even though it implies a bit more paperwork for the contractors, the smooth accomplishment of work is for the best interest of all parties involved.

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Different professionals you will need for your construction project

Completing a construction project requires a lot of determination and dedication. You can do it by yourself or hire a professional company to do everything for you. You will save some money if you decide to do it by yourself but you must be ready to sacrifice some of your time to do some ground work. There are specific professionals that you will need to help you with the work. There are areas that require professionals and you should ensure that you get the best in your locality. This article has listed down some of the key professionals you need to consider for your construction project.

Checking pipes for leak


One of the professionals you ought to consider for your project is the plumber. This is the person who knows how water and other water based wastes are going to be moving around your house. You need to get an experienced plumber from your neighborhood and ensure that they are readily available in case of an emergency. The plumber will guide you when you go to buy the plumbing materials. Consult him or her to make sure you get the right quality and quantity.


The electrician too has a part to play in your construction process. Do not wait until the last day of your project to engage him or her. Walk the whole journey with him from the start. This will ensure that you install all the required items at the right stages. You do not want to do double work trying to fit some pipes in an already constructed building. The electrician will determine how the power will be spread in the building and this can affect the power consumption greatly.

Concrete contractor

Majority of the construction sites hire a concrete contractor to help them mix up the concrete to the required ratios and at the right time. There are many concrete contractors Nashville you can choose from and they will deliver top notch quality work. This will eliminate the stress that comes with trying to mix the concrete by yourself. It takes a lot of resources and manpower. Giving the contract to an independent firm makes the work very easy.


After all the construction work is done, you will need a painter who will give your building your desired look. The finishing to any building determines its value hence it is vital to get a good painter who knows what to paint where. He or she will guide you on the type of paint to buy for project.


You will need a carpenter to take care of all the wooden items that need to be fixed raging from the wardrobes, cabinets and roofing as well. A well established carpenter knows where to get the materials you will need at a cheaper price.

With the professionals listed above, it is possible to do a construction project from the start to the end. Get them now and start your project successfully.